Integrating Spinal Health with Therapeutic Approaches

What is it?

Ishta Spinal Touch is a gentle technique which works by muscle relaxation and as a result increases your well being and health.

Physical, emotional, mental and chemical stress can create an imbalnce at your body's centre of gravity. Once that has happened, distortion can occur in your posture which ultimately will affect the normal functioning and self healing mechanisms of the body.

What to expect

After a full consultation your posture will be assessed at a plumbline.(you will be expected to wear underwear or a gown if the underwear is too large to work round.) Discreet marks will be made on your body using a skin pencil. A contact point will be found and tested which is found in the gluteal fold (where the bottom meets the upper thigh). You will then be asked to lie face down while the treatment is given, which takes approx 20 minutes. This is a very gentle treatment and can be very relaxing. After getting up you will be checked once more at the plumbline where your new posture will be compared against the marks of your first assessment.

You may, as with most other therapies, experience some reactions after the treatment. This may include stiffness or soreness or possibly headaches. These reactions are perfectly normal as the body is ridding itself of the toxins that have been stored in the contracted muscles. It needs time to do this after the treatment. Long term distortion will take a number of treatments together with possible lifestyle or diet changes which may be recommended by the practitioner.