Tapping your way to Emotional Freedom

What is it?

Blockages in the body's energy pathways(meridians) can lead to illness and disease.

Emotions, feelings and sensations all affect our energy systems. The meridian system is linked to our psychology and so when a distressing emotion is experienced it puts our system out of balance. EFT works directly on the energy system and rebalances the disruption that has been caused by the negative emotion.

What does it involve?

An EFT session involves tapping a series of meridian points on the body, using the fingertips. This simple but powerful technique re-balances the body's energy and releases unwanted emotions, thereby bringing back a sense of calm.

What can it treat?

EFT can be used successfully to deal with fears , phobias, beliefs and addictions, physical complaints and relationship issues. In fact EFT can help anything where emotions are causing pain or discomfort. It can be applied in any circumstance regardless of the emotion or situation. We all have "feelings" about the situations we find ourselves in and EFT can address these. It can be used for situations from the past, the present or indeed the future. 

Conditions that may be helped by EFT

  • Stress and panic attacks
  • Negative Emotions such as jealousy or anger
  • Bad habits or addictions
  • Trauma of all kinds
  • Any emotional or physical distress